In the struggle for harmony, we can not always afford regular visits to the gym or fitness center, and here come to the aid of exercises for weight loss at home. To get the desired result at the time of study at home, follow the advice of professionals - they are prompt, what exercises to lose weight the most useful.

The mood on weight loss

Your exercise for weight loss will largely depend on how you decide to self-discipline. This is the most important factor of efficiency of employment. They should be regular, and with a positive attitude, at least 3 times a week, and duration of 40 minutes. You should exercise like that change you for the better. Exercise for weight loss should be taken with joy and make them happy - every coach will tell you that if you do so, weight loss occurs as if by magic. Conversely, if you perceive workouts for weight loss as the hard labor, the results will be minimal.

Exercise for weight loss - it will take:

- Collapsible dumbbells, weight of which can be changed in the range of 3-16 kg.

- Narrow with a spring upholstered bench.

- Special mat for practicing the floor.

- A convenient form of "breathing" natural fabric.

- Comfortable sports shoes.

Any exercise, including exercises for weight loss in a home, should begin with a warm-up. The objective of workout - warm up your muscles, get them to work, otherwise you may get injured and instead of losing weight for a long time it will heal. Begin the exercise for weight loss with five minutes of jogging in place or walking, lifting his knees high, then follow the slopes - left, right, forward, backward, with the maximum speed for 3 minutes on each side. Complete home workout exercise at hand - for 5-7 minutes, rotate the shoulders, elbows, hands, imitate swimming breaststroke and crawl. Believe me, these simple exercises mean for weight loss is not less than the complex itself.

Basic exercises for weight loss

The first exercise for weight loss, helps to "reset the volume" of the inside of the thighs and buttocks. Squat 20 times for 1 approach, placing hands on the waist, legs apart at shoulder width. Deep squatting, take a breath. Getting up to the starting position, exhale. Keep your back straight and do not bend. Later, increase the load to 3 approaches with a short break to the minute. A couple of weeks start squats with dumbbells.

The second exercise for weight loss and slimming the hips should be carried out attacks on one leg: a long step with the right foot, inhale, lower the left knee to the floor. Returning to the original position, make a slow exhalation. Hands should be no anxiety on the waist, legs alternate. Start with 15 exercises on 1 approach, then increase to 30 for 1 hike of 3.

The third exercise, not only for weight loss, but also improve the shape of breasts. When a person loses weight, lose weight and muscles that support the breasts, and need to add them to power. Lie back on the bench, on a breath dissolve hands with dumbbells in hand, exhale pinch on the breast. First - 12 exercises 1 approach; later - up to 3 approaches. Gradually increase the weight of the dumbbell.

The fourth exercise is good for weight loss that removes the extra inches in the waist, helping to tighten the lower abdominal muscles. Lie on your back on the mat, hands grip the heavy fixed object (sofa, wall bars). Bend your knees. Exhaling, lift them high above his head. Inhale do, lowering the legs to the starting position.

The fifth exercise for weight loss, which everyone knows - the work with the press. Fixing feet, bend your knees. Upper abdominal muscles you strengthen, shaking news. During exhalation, you must bend and lower the head, and during inspiration to go to back to the floor. As with the previous exercise is performed as possible for you many times for 1 approach. Later need to improve results and increase the number of approaches to 3.

The sixth exercise for weight loss - the famous gymnastic hoop. It not only burns fat in the waist area and buttocks, but also improves metabolism, which is important for weight loss, and helps to eliminate cellulite. The minimum time - 10 minutes per session, and exercise to lose weight with the hoop must be continuous. I fell hoop - raised and twisted again, without rest or stop.

Of course, it's not all exercises that help you lose weight, but they can be your base for the first classes, then you already own will choose themselves such exercises that will allow you to lose weight in the desired areas of the body - thighs, buttocks, waist, legs.

In order to lose weight exercises were as effective as possible, it is necessary to adjust the power, if possible, eliminating flour, fat and sweet. Otherwise what is the point to burn fat through exercise, if you immediately add it for food. Dinner should be light and must be raw vegetables and fruits in the daily diet. Type in your weekly diet regime, if not, then at least one fasting day, and the result of the exercises you will feel home complex on 4-6-th week of regular classes.