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Depression & Anxiety By CNN News | March 1, 2016

Prolonged psychological stress, through immune system affects the state memory centers in the brain. Researchers from Ohio State University reported in an article in The Journal of Neuroscience, that the longer the stress is bad for the short-term memory. In other words, what we remember, for example, from childhood, and we will remember, but something just read about cheap antidepressants, or some urgent task ...

New research has shown that a special device that stimulates the brain with an electric current, can help patients cope with depression when antidepressants do not work. The gadget, developed by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing, can be used at home and work by transmitting to the brain of a small discharge of electrical current through the clips attached to the skin on the ears.

Recently, we have more and more often not only hear about chronic fatigue syndrome, but sometimes feel its symptoms.But one thing, when we are tired after a hard day's work, having passed an important exam by doing the hard work, or dig up the entire cottage, and quite another - when fatigue haunts us constantly, even after long-term good rest, writes "Orthodox."Modern doctors can not clearly explain the reasons for this disease, since it is on the stage of the study, but unanimously agree in the opinion of the indissoluble connection with the presence of viruses in the body, and the disruption of the central nervous system.

Such an effect on the human body has an increased release of adrenaline. Scientists from Monash University in Australia, conducted experiments on two groups of mice - one exposed to constant stress, and the other was in a favorable environment. Experts have found that chronic stress affects the rapid spread of the cancer.

Weight Loss By BBC News | March 5, 2016

Eating almonds study participants gave up snacking harmful products, such as chips, candy, fast food Almond helps to get rid of a bad habit something to chew on during the day. This was reported by scientists at the University of Florida. They conducted surveillance of 30 pairs of parents and children to find out how to change their healthy eating index, if each will add to your daily diet of 15-40 grams of almonds. The experiment was conducted for three weeks. As a result of the study, participants gave up snacking harmful products, such as chips, candy, fast food. In addition, the researchers said that regular consumption of nuts, increases the level of protein, and neutralizes the empty calories.

Vegetarianism can protect men from prostate cancer, according to scientists from Loma Linda University in California. During the 5-year study tracked the health professionals in more than 26,000 men with an average age of 30 years. The participants filled out detailed questionnaires about their diet. At the end of the study, 1,079 people were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

More than once conducted studies showing here how diet affects health It not so long ago published the results of a new study in which it was found that the need to include in their menu to men and that it is better to completely eliminate, according to "Orthodox". This is especially important if the couple is planning to have a baby. In the first place on the benefits of saving men's health were walnuts. According to the study, published in the journal Biology of Reproduction, adding to the daily diet just a handful of walnuts can significantly improve sperm quality and increase the chances of becoming a father, even after 50 years. The group of men who consumed the study walnuts daily for 12 weeks, improved sperm quality in all respects. Professor of Andrology at the University of Sheffield, Alan Pacey said that today there is a lot of evidence that diet affects men in their erectile function and reproduction. The walnuts were found specific trace elements and fatty acids, which have a positive effect on male hormones. Men are also very useful beans, asparagus (of vegetable protein and magnesium) and seafood, which are rich in zinc. Lovers of steaks and kebabs have to be careful - the doctors recommend eating grilled meat only once a week. Excessive consumption of grilled red meat may impair sperm motility and even cause problems with the prostate gland, say staff of the Medical School at the University of Southern California. According to them, men who ate more than two weekly servings of red meat cooked at high heat, 30% increased risk of developing prostate cancer. Weekly consumption is three to four servings of the meat increases the risk to 40%. These are the results of the analysis of more than 2,000 case histories as part of the study. According to scientists, it does not bring harm to the red meat itself and the method of its preparation - carcinogens formed in crispy crust that appears during fast roasting. Doctors do not object to the use of the same meat stewed or baked form.

Pain By NBC News | March 7, 2016

Learning to listen to your body and defining the meaning of pain lighthouses, we get a chance to improve the health and even save lives. The main thing to remember - the thrill (pain, burning, discomfort) will never occur for a reason. Such phenomena is always a reason that a person is better to find a specialist Learn more about pain in different parts of the body to tell the therapist, gastroenterologist Oksana Boikova, rheumatologist highest category of Medical Center "Clinic of modern rheumatology" Natalya Prokopovich and obstetrician-gynecologist, a. M. N., A senior researcher at the Department of medical and psychosocial problems GU Family Health "IPAH NAMS of Ukraine ", a leading specialist clinic" Safe motherhood Center "Natalia Silin. What is abdominal pain, then your problem and says - this is the main criteria for recognizing the digestive tract diseases, which means that the problem should be sought in the body, which is located at the site of pain localization. LEFT SIDE. Discomfort and any pain in the left upper quadrant - a signal to check the pancreas. Right side. Pain in the right side often talk about diseases of the liver, biliary tract (usually cholecystitis, ie, inflammation of the gall bladder), duodenum, head of pancreas, right kidney and ureter, ascending inflammation of the large intestine, cecum and appendix. SHARP. At the same time a sharp sudden sharp pain in the right side below the ribs, often occurring at night, - signal distension of bile ducts bile that has accumulated due to the violation of its outflow into the intestine. This also gives pain in the right shoulder blade, shoulder and neck, felt throughout the upper abdomen and is accompanied by repeated vomiting. It makes itself felt acute cholecystitis. But if the disease is attached to inflammation, in addition to the pain of fever, chills, and weakness appear. BLUNT PAIN. Dull constant pain in the right upper quadrant, which is accompanied by jaundice can often signal an increase in the liver with hepatitis.

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