Attention Deficit Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment

The occurrence of complications with concentration and concentration, as well as the appearance of neurobehavioral disorders indicate disease, "Attention Deficit Disorder" or abbreviated ADD. Susceptible to disease, especially children, but does not exclude the disease manifestation in adults. Problems of the disease characterized by varying degrees of severity, so the CDC can not be underestimated. The disease affects the quality of life, its susceptibility, as well as relationships with other people. The disease is quite complex, so patients have problems with learning, performing any work and the development of theoretical material.

That kind kids become hostages of this disease, so you should learn about it as much as possible to prevent such a failure, and what would help this material

Description and types

This disease is a deviation from the person who caused high intelligence. A person with such malaise is difficult not only to mental development, but also with the physical that is already referred to as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Children - are the main contingent, which is subject to the manifestation of the disease, but the symptoms of malaise in adults occur in rare cases. According to many years of research, it was found that the occurrence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults is linked to the nature of genes.

In children, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are often, moreover, it can be detected as after birth and later in life a child. Mostly common syndrome in boys and only rarely girls. If you look for example, that in almost every classroom has one child with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

The syndrome is divided into three types, which are called:


The development of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder disappears in several causes that have been set by scientists on the basis of facts. These reasons include:

Genetic predisposition is the first factor, which does not exclude the development of ailments patient relatives. And in this case, it plays a huge role in how far heredity (ie. E. The disease is diagnosed in the ancestors) and proximal (parents, grandparents). The first signs of attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity in the child caring parents bring to the medical institutions, where it appears that the predisposition to the disease in a child is associated with genes. After the examination, the parents often becomes clear where it originated in the child syndrome, as in 50% of cases this is true.

Today it is known that the scientists working on the isolation of genes, which are responsible for this predisposition. Among these genes important role is given to DNA sites that monitor regulation of dopamine levels. Dopamine is the main substance responsible for the accuracy of the central nervous system work. Violation of regulation of dopamine because of a genetic predisposition to the disease results in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Pathological influence takes considerable value in response to the question about the causes of symptoms of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. Pathological factors can serve as:

If a woman during pregnancy allowed herself to use banned substances, it does not exclude the probability of birth of the child with hyperactivity or this syndrome. Chances of having attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity in a child born in the 7-8 month of pregnancy, t. E. Premature. In 80% of those cases there is pathology in the form of ADHD.

There are also the causes of the disease in children, if the woman is in a position it enjoys reception of artificial food additives, pesticides and other neurotoxins. It is also possible to provoke this syndrome in adults due hobbies bio-additives, artificial hormones, and so on. N.

Until the end unexplored reasons provoking of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are:

the presence of infectious diseases in pregnancy;

chronic illness;

Rh incompatibility factors;

environmental degradation.


Symptoms are pronounced manifestation of it in children, so consider the basic signs of attention deficit disorder buy Adderall Online with hyperactivity in children.

Most often the impetus for treatment in medical centers become educators, teachers and educators who show some deviations in children. Symptoms of the disease are the following symptoms:

Disturbed concentration and attention. The child can not concentrate on one thing, he always goes somewhere, thinking about something his. Perform any task ends with errors, caused by attention deficit disorder. If a child to handle, there is a sense of ignoring the speech, he understands everything, but can not muster the heard it in one piece. Children with disorders of attention completely unable to plan, organize and perform various tasks.

Symptoms can also be expressed as a distraction while the child tend to lose their things, distracted by any detail. It appears forgetfulness and undertake the implementation of mental cases a child is categorically refuses. Relatives of a feeling of remoteness of the child from all over the world.

Hyperactivity. It is shown in conjunction with the syndrome, so parents can further monitor the child and symptoms:

The symptoms of attention deficit disorder with hypersensitivity manifestations have their own characteristics for various categories of children, depending on age.