Acne or acne called inflammation of the sebaceous glands that appear as a result of pollution, and accompanied by increased production of sebum. These formations can occur in people of different age categories.

Acne is among the most common skin diseases. In any of its forms of acne occur in almost 80% of people, especially in the age of puberty, and deliver a lot of problems young men and women. But as acne can occur in people older than 25 years of age (most often observed for metabolic disorders). If pregnancy occurs due to hormonal disruptions in the female body.

The most common areas of the rash is the face, back and chest. It is worth noting that if the infection gets into the inflamed gland, then it turns into an abscess. After healing of the pathological formation may leave a small scar. Acne treatment is possible only under the supervision of doctors and cosmetologists.

Prior to his full maturity pimples are several stages of growth. First on the skin appear slight unevenness - a little grease tube. Further, the fat contained in these tubes, is in the process of oxidation and on the faces of adolescents and adults appear black spots.


Doctors divide into two types of lesions (depending on the cause, provoking the appearance of acne):

The cause of the first group of acne are hormonal changes in the body of teenagers. The important role played by heredity. People in adulthood may also occur rash. In such cases it is caused by the presence of chronic diseases or infections. Individual cases should be considered the occurrence of acne in women during pregnancy.

The second group occurs when:


In addition to the usual types of acne acne in adolescents and adults can meet spherical acne. They are located deeper under the skin than usual. In this case, exit the pus out quite problematic, which is why the infection can spread to the deeply lying tissue. Such acne tend to merge with each other.

Acne on the face or the back does not have pronounced symptoms. The most common occurrence of acne in adolescence men and women during pregnancy. Most often affects the forehead area of ​​the nose and chin. Manifest acne during puberty, because at this time is increased production of sebum. To promote the formation of acne can increase the number in the body of the male sex hormone

Acne inflammation, in full maturity, does not bear any complications. The only reminder of the acne can be spots on the face, or small scars. But this can be avoided if to seek help from cosmetologists who hold professional cleaning procedure for a person or other areas. It should refrain from laser therapy during pregnancy.