How to improve the erection?

Weak erections or poor erections? If you lost an erection, or erection problems begin, which can lead to the complete absence of an erection, or if you are already thinking about how to improve erection, then this article will get you polezna.Samoe extremely important that to do in the first place - to exclude pathology. No visit to the urologist is not enough.

Erection: How does it happen?

The term "erection" comes from the Latin «erigo», «erectum» - straighten, lift. Erection - a unique phenomenon, which is based on a complex mechanism, the main role of which belongs to the vessels that bring blood to the cavernous and spongy telam.Pri sexual stimulation excitement begins in the brain, in the spinal nerves distributed to the penis, which is produced in the cells of the powerful vasodilating substance - NITROGEN OXIDE. As a result of intensive blood supply (and at the same time the temporary cessation of outflow) during sexual arousal penis expands, it becomes elastic.

There is a solution

Preparations for potency increasing Brand Viagra is an oral medication for erectile dysfunction (ED) developed by the pharmaceutical company PFIZER. It helps most men with ED improve their erections.

Viagra as a brand name of erectile dysfunction treatment appeared in 1998. Since that time the medication has gained incredible popularity and keeps playing an important role in curing male impotence till now. Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a devastating issue that strikes more and more people. An increasing number of males fail to gain and maintain an erection sufficient for a sexual intercourse. The only solution of this nasty problem is definitely ED medication. From a range of other approved and time-tested medicines, brand Viagra is appreciated as a reliable drug that produces a desirable effect fast and for long.

Besides, the common adverse reactions it may cause are absolutely inconspicuous if compared to the advantages of its action. In addition, multiple scientific research have discovered that the complex effect of the treatment produced in the organism is potent to cure not only impotence, but a range of other health problems, including arterial hypertension, heart disorders, Reynaud disease, jet leg and others. Brand Viagra has been clinically tested and approved to produce a preferable effect on diverse body processes, improving male’s health, overall health condition and boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Why am I having problems with erection?

Erectile dysfunction - the inability to achieve and (or) maintain an erection sufficient for sexual satisfaction aktivnosti.Esli before the main cause of erectile dysfunction was considered a variety of psychological problems, but now this opinion has changed, it is proved that erectile dysfunction is nearly 80% of cases occurs as a complication of various primarily vascular, zabolevaniy.U men with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) occurs 4 times more often than healthy.

Erection problems in arterial hypertension

The arteries - the vessels that carry blood is delivered to all organs and tissues.High pressure leads to damage to the vessel walls, they are non-elastic, as a result of the organs (including the penis) blood flows with difficulty. Two out of three hypertensive patients experiencing problems with erection. Some medications used to treat hypertension, may lead to a violation of their own potentsii.Problemy erection at an elevated cholesterol level. Cholesterol - a natural fatty substance used by the body to build cells and the production of hormones.

But excess cholesterol leads to formation of plaques and blood clots in arteries. If plaque clog the lumen of the artery of the heart, the heart attack happens, and if the lumen of the penile arteries - developing erectile dysfunction. Normal blood cholesterol <5 mmol / l.

How diabetes affects erectile function?

Diabetes - a disease in which a high level of glucose in the blood leads to damage not only to the vessel wall, but also to defeat the nerve endings, resulting in penile sensitivity suffers. Diabetic neuropathy - an additional risk factor for erectile dysfunction. The frequency of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes reaches 58-60% if the blood sugar is not controlled, the risk of problems with erection improved.

Does prostatitis affects the potency?

The prostate gland - is a very important body, no accident it is called the second heart of man. The prostate produces a secret part of the semen. Directly involved in the process of erection the prostate gland does not accept. But the pain in the perineum, urination disorders, of course, prevent a man to be sexually active.

The problem with erection - lifestyle issue

Smoking causes a spasm of blood vessels, impeding blood flow at the right time in the body, which should be the object of a man's strength and gordosti.87% of men with erection problems are heavy smokers. Ethanol, being, in fact, a toxic substance, almost killing the nerve endings of the penis. In men who drink rapidly decreased testosterone - a hormone that determines male silu.Ne need to prove that overeating, lack of exercise lead to obesity. Particularly "bad" is the fat that is deposited on the stomach. That extra inches waist - the cause of high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension - the main enemies of erection! The circumference of a man's waist should not exceed 94 cm.