Overweight men nowadays

Various factors can lead to excess weight:

Binge eating.

According to statistics, 80% of cases of male obesity are alimentary (food) nature. The systematic overeating leads to stretching of the walls of the stomach and increase appetite. As a result, the problem is growing like a snowball - weight loss pills for men is becoming more and more difficult.

The habit of chewing on every occasion more often due to family traditions. Parents overfeed the child, believing that the more it will eat rosy buns, the healthier will. At a young age, while the energy consumed active, fat deposition may not occur. Dangerous excess food consumption becomes after 30-40 years, when the reduced energy consumption of the body. In such cases, weight loss for men turns into a daunting challenge: to overcome the children's eating habits and learn to limit yourself is possible not to everyone.

Another reason for overeating may be a violation of the power structure. For example, if during the working day a man is forced to do casual snack in the evening, he is trying to "come off" in full by absorbing double or even triple servings of dishes. Surplus energy then will not spent, and deposited in the form of fat. In such a situation to throw off excess weight men manage only after establishing proper eating schedule.

Physical inactivity.

It has been observed that obese than among rural residents among city many times more people. This is understandable: rustic care requires more energy expenditure. While the stone jungle dwellers accustomed to live at all "ready", and their physical activity is restricted travel to and from work. Fats accumulate, but not spent. Very often it is seen in overweight men employed sedentary work.


Often weight loss for men becomes a family problem. Scientists have discovered the genes responsible for a set of extra kilos. They can transmit both paternal and maternal lines. Therefore, a possible forecast of obesity can be done in childhood on the basis of "portrait" of the parents.

Violation of the functions of the hypothalamus.

The so-called hypothalamic obesity - a special type of disease caused by damage to one of the structures of the brain - the hypothalamus. The reason can be a viral infection, tumors or cerebral trauma. The disease is also accompanied by irregular blood pressure, atherosclerosis, increased sweating. When such symptoms to reduce the weight of the man to seek medical help.

Endocrine diseases.

Endocrine obesity is very rare and is associated with disruption of the thyroid, pancreas and gonads. Fat thus deposited mainly on the face, hands and chest. Lose weight to help men treated by an endocrinologist and diet therapy.

How to throw off excess weight, men

How to throw off excess weight muzhchinePatsient overweight doomed to rapid loss of health. The only way to maintain a normal state of health - to lose weight. There are several ways to throw off excess weight men:


Plagued by hunger itself is not necessary. It is enough to limit the intake of fat and carbohydrate foods, eliminate soft drinks, beer, fast food, eating small portions, but often.


Physical activity should be a daily and long. Only in this way will be able to achieve the coveted balance between intake and energy expenditure. To combat obesity in men are perfect not only classes at the gym, but also hiking, cycling, swimming.


Perhaps the most radical method of getting rid of body fat. The excess is removed through a small tube introduced under the skin of the problem area. The fat disappears quickly and effortlessly. However, first, the procedure has a long list of contraindications, and secondly, it does not remove the adipose tissue from the internal organs.