Skin Mycosis

Fungal infections of the skin - is fungal diseases that cause infectious microorganisms. They affect the skin and subcutaneous tissue, penetrating scratch and microtrauma. Then, the fungus spores enter through the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract and accumulate in the lungs. Stage of the disease depends on the specific focus of infection and fungus. The development of the disease can cause any disease that weakens the immune system.

On the site of the lesion spread germs to other areas of the skin and infect the mucous membrane of the sexual organs, the digestive system, lungs. From disease suffering face, hair, body, arms, legs, and even nails.

Risk of disease is that it often has a chronic form. The earlier appeal to a medical facility for help with athlete's foot, the faster the treatment will take place and soon recovered. This disease is able to disfigure the face, arms, legs and other parts of the body to hit any organs and cause related diseases (allergies, mikidy). Risk Group mycosis - children and the elderly, although people can pick up the infection of any age and gender.

Varieties of skin mycosis

Athlete's foot - a large group of diseases. Different subtypes of disease differ in the location and extent of damage. There are two main groups. Deep fungal infections - opportunistic and subcutaneous, sporotrichosis, chromoblastomycosis. Surface - candidiasis, ringworm and keratomikoz.

Athlete's foot is a skin acute and chronic, deep and shallow, focal and widespread.


The main reason for all skin fungal infections - a fungus that develops and affects the tissues and organs of the body. Risk of disease is that all patients suffer differently. Some infected immediately, others the disease is hidden, and in the third the presence of infection in the body does not cause the development of diseases and they become carriers of fungal spores.

The mechanism of development of the disease depends on the protective factors of the organism of the individual. If a person has a weak immune system or HIV infection, taking antibiotics or have skin lesions buy Zithromax Online , bad hygiene, the risk of him this fungal disease is very high. To this we can add more varicose veins and trophic ulcers. Best of all the fungus multiplies and grows in moist and warm environment.

Infectious microorganisms can penetrate during medical procedures. When the body's defenses are down, there are conditions for invasive fungal growth.

Since fungal infections of the skin, arms, legs and other body parts develop in the weakened body, this infection can progress during diabetes or immunodeficiency if there is malignancy or after the excellency of reception of antibiotics, steroids.

If a minor infection, athlete's foot that may or may not be accompanied by multiple symptoms. But systemic mycoses are widely spread and affect all areas of the body, from the skin of the head and face from top to toe. Systemic include kandemiyu and visceral candidiasis, meningitis, infants, streptococcal pneumonia and disseminated candidiasis, aspergillosis the brain, the lungs and the middle ear.

Various fungi that cause skin mycosis, affect both humans and animals. They enter the body in different ways. The main ways - it microcracks and significant damage to the skin, medical manipulations. Factors that contribute to their further development in the human body irradiation, chronic illness and various violations of the body's processes.