Menopause - the main symptoms

Menopause (menopause), the literal definition which refers to the full completion of menstruation, occurs in women as a result of the termination of the functions performed by the ovaries when you reach a certain age. Menopause, the symptoms of which are quite complex and are expressed in their own forms, takes place in the event that took place since the last menstruation in women passed, at least a year.

General description

Prior menopause process is subject to a gradual ovarian its course in conjunction with a decrease in the total amount of estrogen in the female body hormone. At the age of forty years after these processes are characterized by an increase in the intensity of their own. The transition at the moment which marked the onset of menopause, also has its own name and its corresponding symptoms - it is determined as the perimenopause.

As a rule, completed menstruating women to the age of fifty, in rare cases it is possible at the age of forty years, in the slight - with sixty. In addition, such a trend is observed, in which the female smokers menopause noted earlier by several years than, respectively, in women smoking. In most cases predominant changes in the menstrual cycle can be observed for a few years before menstruation will be terminated. These changes include a decrease in the duration of the menstrual cycle (decreasing the time between menses), tenderness and menstrual irregularities.

Sam menopause is characterized by general malaise in most women. Order more than 75% of the encounters with the tides, which frequently occur at night, causing, thus, chronic insomnia. In addition, also notes a number of symptoms characteristic of this period, we will consider them lower.

A condition in which the ovaries are no longer produced the egg, accompanied by the emergence of menopause. At the time of the birth of female representatives have eggs in the amount of the order of more than three million, then they are subject to a gradual death. Before the onset of menarche in girls around 400,000 eggs to the menopause their number is reduced to 10 000 or less. In the process of ovulation is directly involved a small percentage of an available amount of eggs. As for the underlying cause of their death, it is to this process as the atresia.

We also note that in addition to the production of eggs produced by the ovaries and also hormones (progesterone, estrogen) that regulate the processes of ovulation and menstruation.

As for menopausal (climacteric or period), it includes three main phases - a premenopausal and menopause and post-menopausal phase. Each of these phases correspond to their own characteristics and symptoms.

Menopause: Symptoms

Menopause itself is a natural condition that occurs as we have already noted, when a woman of a certain age. The term is also used as a designation of any type of physiological changes that occur before or after termination of menses it that indicates the completion of the reproductive cycle of the female body.

Often, menopause occurs at the age of earlier, helped in particular undergone surgical operations, damage the ovaries and so forth. Regardless of the causes of menopause before reaching the age of forty, it is defined as premature menopause buy Premarin Online

Premature menopause often occurs because of a bad heredity and disorders of the immune system. We also note the following conditions that trigger the early onset of menopause:

As with the approach of menopause, while pre-menopausal women face the phenomenon of the tides, which are manifested in the form of sudden heat, is poured along the entire upper half of the body, accompanied by, in addition, redness and sweating. Menopause also flows with the tides, except where noted, and also the following symptoms:

Note also that not every woman is faced with all forms of the indicated symptoms.

Diagnosing menopause

After the occurrence of the relevant symptoms of menopause, it is determined offensive or independent way, or to see a doctor, which is accompanied on his part survey and inspection. The exact definition of the menopausal stage, the corresponding status of women, it is also possible at the expense of the simplest type of analysis. A significant increase in the level of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) occurs during exhaustion of the ovaries, and this level can be determined based on routine blood analysis.

Furthermore, as we previously mentioned, subjected to thinning of the internal vaginal wall cells which, accordingly, experience changes in estrogen content, that is, its observed decline. To determine atrophy (thinning of the vaginal walls degree and dryness), the doctor takes a smear on the inside wall of the vagina (the procedure is completely painless and simple in execution). These assays are useful in that they appear through the possibility of determining the menstrual cycle and the subsequent determination of its graphics. This, in turn, makes it possible to establish a finding of fact female doctor in case of interest in this period.