Causes of insomnia

Causes of insomnia each person has his - Today we will find out together what causes insomnia cause you and what exactly you need to do to get rid of insomnia.

The first cause of insomnia

The most common cause of insomnia - nervous tension. This can be a problem at work, in dealing with a loved one, loved ones, feelings about some issue that you can not solve. Even if you do not think about it directly and constantly, your brain can not relax, keeps himself in good shape, something scrolls analyzes. So much for the cause of insomnia. In this case, solve the problem of taking some pills will not work, you need to make efforts to remove the sensitive issue from the agenda. Well, if it is a long process, remember the famous saying that tomorrow is another day and get rid of insomnia, and new ideas come with a fresh mind.

I do not have time to get tired, and the second cause of insomnia

Another common cause of sleeplessness - the fact that you are not tired. Sometimes it happens that the eyes are closed, and the dream is not. This is the reason often occurs in people who spend most of their time in a sitting position. The body movement is necessary, otherwise the body simply does not understand the order of the rest. Therefore, before going to bed it is necessary to walk to the body to release the stored energy for the day. Even better, 2-3 times a week you go to the gym or fitness center - your body will save energy for work and will give you a restful sleep.

At night, eat bad, or the third cause of insomnia

The third cause of insomnia - wrong eating behavior. If you eat before bedtime or drink strong tea or coffee, the body perceives it as a signal for future action. And, of course, does not sleep. As doctors say, you need to eat at the latest three hours before bedtime, so she had time to digest, but if you come home late and hungry, instead of eating a heavy drink yogurt, eat a piece of fruit or yogurt, which will not interfere with your sleep.

Impact from the side, or fourth cause of insomnia

Terms of the bustling city and apartment buildings leads to another reason for insomnia - discomfort from the influence of extraneous factors. This can be not only the noise from the neighbors or nearby streets, but also in the bedroom stuffy, uncomfortable mattress, lantern light through the window. This can prevent you from a good sleep, so ensure yourself complete peace and comfort in the bedroom. Hang thick curtains that create a barrier light and noise, buy a good mattress, natural linens, clean the bedroom houseplants that night begin to absorb oxygen, ventilate the bedroom before going to bed, moisten the air from a spray - you'll see that your sleep will be faster and strong.

It is terrible to live, or fifth cause of insomnia

Information pressure - is the cause of insomnia, which is especially pronounced in recent years. It is enough to see bedtime TV - news are now worse than the other one, the revolution everywhere, floods, accidents, crime and so on. Movies at night, too, is no better. Maybe it directly, and you are not concerned, but still somehow uncomfortable, heart pounding active, adrenaline went into the blood. How can there be a dream. Here the rule is simple - no news and scary movies at night, it is better read a book or if you want to really see the movie, select a light comedy or melodrama.

Live harmful or sixth cause of insomnia

Bad habits. It's no secret that alcohol and tobacco are the strongest stimulants elavil news, which excite the nervous system. This first shot of brandy helps to sleep, then it takes two, three, and sleep, as they say, in one eye. The same situation is with smoking. Here it is necessary to approach the issue very hard, and, as if the body is not required tightness or two, give up at night from all bad habits.

How to get rid of insomnia

To be sure to get rid of insomnia, it is necessary to determine the reason why you got it. In 9 out of 10 cases, this nervous stress, but it has its own gradation. Regardless of why you got insomnia, to get rid of insomnia, it is necessary to use all available means, from folk remedies to psychological bogus.

The simplest means to calm down and thus get rid of insomnia - a walk. Her advice and traditional healers, and medicine. Walking just before going to bed or after dinner. Here and exercise, and relaxation, and the ability to calmly analyze the events of the day.

If the evening walks for any reason is not possible, try to get rid of insomnia using calming measures. This may be reading your favorite book, watching a light comedy or melodrama. It helps to get rid of insomnia quiet music, watching an aquarium or a burning fireplace. If the house is neither one nor the other, it does not matter - on the Internet you can find many videos that simulate the burning fire or an aquarium with floating fishes, burn them to disc and watch on TV.

Recent studies have shown a link between poor sleep and a late meal. People who eat later than three hours before bedtime, have a chance of getting insomnia three times more likely those who observe the correct diet. Therefore, if such a situation in your case is the place to be to get rid of insomnia, eat on time.

Avicenna to the question how to get rid of insomnia, traditionally recommended water. He said so - sit by the creek, waterfall, river, where the water flows, leave all your thoughts, and you will then calmly fall asleep. If you do not have near the waterfall, just open the faucet in the bathroom, and sit for a few minutes near the flowing water. You can make a warm bath for the feet, it also relaxes you and helps you to get rid of insomnia, but more on that below.

Folk remedies for insomnia

And now let's talk about exactly what to do, what to use folk remedies to get rid of insomnia. Just above we have said a few words about the bath. A warm bath - an effective folk remedy for insomnia, especially if you make a bath with herbs or aromatic oils. Buy at the pharmacy herbs and essential oils that have a soothing and relaxing effect on the nervous system. Fill the bathtub with water (the optimum temperature - from 36º to 40º), add water decoction of herbs or a few drops of oil and soak it in a quarter of an hour.

Good folk remedy for the treatment of insomnia - a sachet. This is a bag of herbs that have a calming effect and can help you get rid of insomnia. Take a small bag and fill it with mint, oregano, good help for insomnia St. John's wort. Put it under your pillow and sleep soundly.

Another popular method for the treatment of insomnia - just before bed offers lubricate temples with lavender oil.

Continuing the conversation, what to do in cases of insomnia, which use folk remedies, turn to herbal decoctions and infusions, used inside. Herbs are much better than any tablets and pills, they are not addictive and are softer. Traditional medicine against insomnia recommends hop cones or fennel seeds. Brew product dessert spoon cup boiling water, wrap and let it brew, strain, drink an hour before bedtime.

Excellent help to get rid of insomnia teas of mint, lemon balm and green tea. Take a few leaves of the plants, fill with boiling water, let cool and drink one hour before bedtime. Similarly, it helps get rid of insomnia and green tea, but it is not necessary to cool, brew scheme and hot drink for 30 minutes before bedtime.