Health problem

Welcome dear visitor. Health is one of the greatest values ​​in life. Unfortunately today, people must constantly engaged in strengthening their health. This is because we have broken ties with the outside world, acute environmental problems arise. In a lot of food harmful to health components. Many people lead a sedentary life, while constantly exposed to stress. The result - the weakening of immunity. pollution of the body and as a consequence of different diseases. Health promotion is a vital necessity for most people.

American medicine believes that the health of the population due to: 50% conditions and way of life, 20% - for the environment, 20% - by genetic factors and by 10% - the state of health.

Health promotion includes a healthy lifestyle, special exercises and special procedures.

Healthy lifestyle

A life in accordance with circadian rhythms. At night, sleep during the day to work in the evening to relax. The most important feature of the processes occurring in living organisms is their rhythmic character. It is found that more than three hundred of them are subject to diurnal rhythm. Night life and good health are incompatible. Healthy lifestyle - a life in harmony with nature. The sun, the air (meaning pure, sea, mountain, forest) and water are our best friends. One day a week it is necessary to spend in nature. Holiday by the sea, in the mountains, in the forest or in the country contributes to better health.

Healthy lifestyle - it's positive thinking. It is necessary to enjoy life around to see something positive, take it every day happy. The habit to adjust itself to a positive perception of life gives a good mood, and therefore good health. Healthy lifestyle - it's giving up bad habits. They are the cause of many diseases, dramatically reducing life expectancy, reduced working capacity. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and good health are incompatible. Healthy lifestyle - it's healthy food. This power is only natural foods with plenty of fiber, natural vitamins and minerals. Healthy eating - the path to good health.

Healthy lifestyle - this movement, moderate exercise, walking on foot, leisure. Regular physical training strengthens the body, creates a powerful barrier to disease and ensure good health.

Healthy lifestyle - it is personal hygiene. Body hygiene makes special demands to the state of the skin, performing a number of important functions, it is therefore necessary to continuously monitor the purity of the skin. Healthy lifestyle - a life in good health family - cialis online italia. Strengthening the immune system contributes to the happiness hormone (endorphin), which is produced in the body when a person is in love.

Health promotion, reasonably exercised by the man himself, could provide him with a long and active life. Scientific evidence suggests that most people, when they comply with the above rules, can live up to 120 years or more.

Health promotion by the rejection of bad habits

Smoking causes great harm to human health. In Russia, the adult population 75% of men and 23% of women smoke constantly. The propaganda of the "Ministry of Health warns" instead of the expected yields the opposite result. Smoking causes a number of serious diseases.

1. Among the cases of lung cancer, this terrible disease, smokers make up 86 - 98%.

2. Very often smoking leads to the development of chronic bronchitis, accompanied by a persistent cough and bad breath.

3. Smoking causes narrowing of the coronary arteries that feed the heart, causing it to coronary artery disease.

4. Among the TB cases from 95 100 people to smoke.

5. Smoking affects the sex glands and promotes the development of male sexual weakness.

6. Every seventh smoker ill - serious illness that often leads to gangrene and eventually to amputation of the lower limb.

7. Among the men who developed gastric ulcer, 96 - 97% smoked.

Depending on the duration and intensity of smoking, life expectancy is reduced by 5 - 15 years. You, the smoker, very lucky if you die suddenly of a heart attack, but not in terrible pain from lung cancer. Only one way out - to quit. complete smoking cessation is a result of the significant strengthening of health.


In humans, there is a centralized energy system, manages and coordinates the activities of the body and its processes of energy interaction with the outside world. It consists of a thin (energy) bodies of Nadis (energy channels) and the chakras (energy centers). As long as the body receives a sufficient amount of energy, it is functioning normally. If the energy is not enough, there's disease. There are several sources of energy supply in the energy system of the person:

1. Cosmos Energy is supplied to the grid through the sahasrara chakra (located on the top). To this energy enters the system needs some time to visit outside the house, in the yard, on the street.

2. Earth energy enters through your feet, climbs over them and into the energy system through the muladhara chakra (located in the coccyx). To ensure delivery of this energy is necessary in the summer at the cottage to walk barefoot.

3. The energy in the air, enters the body when breathing, the breath-hold of her arrival increases dramatically. Therefore, it is necessary to breathe on the "triangle" inhalation, retention, exhalation and so on. Breath "triangle" promotes efficient filling the body with energy, and, accordingly, there is health promotion.

4. The energy supplied to the energy system of the person and with food. But only when feeding fresh plant food. Therefore, in the diet should be the daily fresh fruit and vegetables as well as herbs. When a heat treatment of food energy is lost. (Caloric intake to energy is not considered irrelevant).

5. Set the energy of the tree. Among the most powerful donors - the trees are: oak, birch, pine, cedar, mountain ash, maple and acacia. To set energy needed to pull over to the tree back or chest. Embrace tree palms, relax and imagine how your body flows net silver - white energy. As soon as you feel that your body is filled, thank the tree. For energy gain enough 2 - 3 minutes. Bust undesirable.


Just eating right, you can be in good health, have a high capacity for work and live long. A healthy diet ensures stable operation of the whole body, full assimilation of nutrients and high immunity.

All food products can be divided into three groups. The first group consists of foods that can be eaten without restriction: it is fresh vegetables and fruits, greens, whole grains and whole-grain bread. The second group consists of foods that should be consumed in limited quantities: the meat, fish and dairy products. The third group includes foods that should not be used: it is sugar, confectionery, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, modified and artificial.

"We are what we eat". A man who has violated the genetically caused traditional food and in the body that are involved in metabolic processes, artificial and toxic substances can not be healthy.

The basic principles of a healthy diet.

1. Eat only when hungry.

2. 30% - 50% of the food should be raw vegetables and fruits.

3. Separate food.

4. Food should be varied.

5. Food should be balanced: fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

6. Do not drink during meals.

7. Drink a day not less than 1.5 liters of water.