Hands - a storehouse of all kinds of information: according to him, like a book, you can learn not only about the past and the future of man, his inclinations and character, but also about his health, if he has the disease and are any worth only carefully look closely to them.

Red palm indicate toxic liver injury: possible hepatitis and hepatotoxicity. Marble Figure at the Palms said about the problems in the autonomic nervous system.

If the skin becomes yellow palms, then surely there is a change in the liver or gall bladder (hepatitis, gallstone disease, disorders of the biliary tract, cholangitis, cholecystitis). Brown spots with the back of the hand not only speak of the age (in violation of pigmented skin color, characteristic mainly for the elderly), but also means that you have a problem with the gall bladder. If the skin on the hand, and especially on the palms, peeling in small plates, this may be true testimony lack of vitamins A and D. If the palms peel large plates, you must consult a dermatologist: on hands settled fungus.

The temperature of the hands - a barometer state

Often cold hands - a sign of peripheral circulatory disorders, the body is lacking nicotinic acid. Therefore, care must be taken to replenish its stock with the help of vitamin preparations or add to the diet products that contain this acid in abundance: dairy products, meat, fish, mushrooms, buckwheat, beans, cabbage. If the palms are lit, it means that the liver can not cope with an intoxication caused by poisoning drug, alcohol, chemical substances. Doctors call their liver. Syndrome "crawling" on the palm of your hand says that a person with the endocrine system problems.

Wet or dry hands. Wet your hands and point to the endocrine problems - perhaps to hyperthyroidism. A dry and pale skin on the palms - to hypofunction of thyroid (hypothyroidism).

Numb fingers, the color of the fingers, toes itch. If a person is often little fingers go numb, he should consult a cardiologist - these problems are related to the cardiovascular system. A numb thumbs demonstrates the weakness of the respiratory system. If the tips of his fingers acquired a purple color, it is necessary to do the digestive system. Dark red or purple - should pay attention to the kidneys and liver. Spots on the Mount of Venus (the so-called chiromantists elevated base of the thumb) - a possible sign of that not everything is in order with the sexual organs. Itching of the lateral surface of the index finger of his right hand indicates the problems encountered in the colon. The roughness of the skin on the dorsum of the index finger is often indicates a problem with the gall bladder.

Condition of the joints

Many interesting conclusions can be made, drawing attention to the condition of the joints. Overly flexible joints (as well as, on the contrary, does not bend) with an overall decreased tone of the muscles of the fingers indicate a malfunction of the liver and gall bladder. Crunch in the joints of points to calcium deficiency in the body. Irregularly shaped painful joints of the fingers - a sign of osteoarthritis. Most of these changes occur in people suffering from gout. If joints began to swell painfully and swell, there was redness, an urgent need seek medical attention - a clear manifestation of polyarthritis. And the pain antiepileptic-meds.com between the second and third phalanges of the ring and index finger warns of imminent manifestation of a serious illness in the knee joints.

The shape of the hands we can calculate the future ailments

It has long been seen: the wider the palm, the stronger health. But people with broad hands and short fingers are prone to disturbances in the circulatory system, primarily to the increase in blood pressure.

Narrow palm with long thin fingers, pale skin, usually in people with thin neural organization that are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature or atmospheric pressure, the change of time zones, harsh sounds, the emotional overload. Holders of small brushes are too susceptible vegetative nervous system: their "signature" diseases - asthma, inflammation rectum, hypotension. People with meaty hands often have problems with blood circulation: they have decreased metabolism, possible thyroid hypofunction.


According to Chinese medicine, the dot in the center of the palm is considered to be the energy center of the whole organism. If, sharply pushing her thumb the other hand, there stabbing pain - this means the existence of serious health problems and points to the need to engage seriously in his health. Sore appearing under the thumb of one hand compression space at the base of the thumb the other the back of the wrist and the index - from the palm of your hand says about the problems in the heart, most likely, it is the beginning of coronary artery disease. On the pathology in the urogenital system indicates a strong pain on compression of tubercle between middle and ring fingers. If we draw an imaginary line from between the little finger and ring finger to the wrist, the lower third of this line on your palm (from the wrist) corresponds to the zone of the liver and gall bladder pain, which appeared here when pressed, it means that there are violations in these bodies.

All of the above only shows possible problems in your body, and the absolute value of such "manmade" give the diagnosis is not necessary - it is just an excuse to see a doctor and do their health.