Erectile dysfunction - Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction - a disturbance in the genital area in men, which is characterized by a decrease in the volume and density of the penis, which makes it impossible to conduct a full sexual intercourse. To speak of the existence of a serious problem is only in the case if there is a violation of erection more than 25% of sex acts. As a rule, erectile dysfunction indicates a decline in overall health, but does not affect the impossibility of ejaculation or the inability to conceive a child. Accordingly, more than 90% of cases, this problem can be avoided if in time to see a doctor and begin treatment.

Why there is erectile dysfunction?

Until recently, it was thought that erectile dysfunction - it is a problem that appears in men with age, and from it can not escape. However, this point of view, to date not received any scientific justification. The relationship between age and erectile dysfunction caused only by the fact that over the years the risk of somatic diseases among men increases. Accordingly, they are more responsible for degradation and potency. It is quite normal for leading healthy lifestyles and support their own health, sexual activity in men persists and 50, and even 70 years.

Key factors that trigger erectile dysfunction can be divided into several groups:

Among the most common causes of erectile dysfunction use Cialis should be noted problems with blood vessels. Due to the violation of blood flow to the penis erection occurs very slowly or rapidly waning, not allowing a man to complete sexual intercourse. This problem is particularly acute for smokers as disrupting the inner lining of blood vessels responsible for "stimulant" potency - nitric oxide.

Types of erectile dysfunction

Depending on the factors that trigger the development of this problem, erectile dysfunction may be psychogenic or functional character. Each of these types has its own specific features.

For example, erectile dysfunction due to psychological factors influence starts, usually overnight. The reason for the problem may lie for stress, nervous exhaustion or emotional inconsistency partners. And in this case, the morning erection and the ability to change the size of the penis as a result of sexual stimulation is not lost during intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction caused by functional disorders in the body manifests itself gradually (every intercourse man becomes more difficult to maintain an erection). This indicates the presence of underlying disease that requires treatment. In addition, organic problem can be triggered by taking certain medications that lower potency. As a result of this type of erectile dysfunction male libido and the ability to ejaculation are saved, but the nocturnal erections disappear and become unstable during intercourse.

If signs of impotence most men try to cancel sexual impotence for various external reasons. Such actions are very harmful to health, as difficulties in maintaining sexual activity can not be made the norm. To identify the cause of erectile dysfunction and decreased libido requires a professional approach. Only after consultation with a doctor it is possible to identify the source of the problem and prescribe an effective means to increase potency.

Types of erectile dysfunction

Since erectile dysfunction is characterized by certain changes in the genital area in men, its "traditional" symptoms are:

The most common symptom of erectile dysfunction is loss of libido. Typically, sexual attraction disappears due to stress, fatigue or lack of mood. The reluctance of physical intimacy can be provoked by the behavior of your partner and relationship disorder, as well as the reduction of hormonal activity (decrease in testosterone levels in the blood).

In turn, erectile dysfunction, which is manifested through the lethargy of sexual intercourse and erectile inadequacy, often indicates the presence of underlying disease, usually cardiovascular.

Less often, erectile dysfunction manifests anorgasmia, where orgasm lasts for a short time or not at all occurs.