Premature ejaculation - the main symptoms:

Premature ejaculation (ie ejaculation) is characterized by the fact that sexual intercourse with this disorder is short-lived, making up less than three minutes, which is why, as a rule, does not come full sexual satisfaction for both sexual partners. Premature ejaculation, the symptoms of which, in fact, be reduced to the above features (short duration of intercourse, lack of sexual satisfaction), it can be shown as before intercourse, or after it starts.

General description

If labeling in more detail than is premature ejaculation, you can specify that when a male problem is just not able to control the duration of sexual intercourse, in particular in that it least that would have been enough for both partners. WHO currently does not emit any clear criteria on the basis of which it would be possible to determine what is the normal duration of sexual intercourse. As a result of this problem is even more serious as regards diagnostics, because it also happens that even brief sexual act allows a man to reach orgasm, and therefore a problem as such, is not perceived at all. A separate aspect of the question is the fact that male sexual partner may be a anorgasmia, in which there is no satisfaction with sexual intercourse, regardless of its duration and quality. It is not excluded that option, if there is the presence of several partners in a man, is regarded dysfunction is relevant only when you have sex with one of the partners, while other such dysfunction is absent, that is, it turns out that the man is healthy, and premature ejaculation It is not permanent and final "verdict".

Given these characteristics, in medicine emit norms regarding the average rate of so-called friction duration period that is the period between the administration of the penis into the vagina and the achievement of an erection. This figure is about 3 minutes. Thus, if ejaculation occurs before this period, it is considered, as already indicated, premature.

At the same time, in studying the data obtained by the respective polls, it was found that if the duration of intercourse is two minutes, then with a maximum of 35% of women achieve orgasm, and if coitus takes about 10 minutes, this figure rises to 50% . Thus, if we consider the option of an average man, able to to maintain sexual intercourse within two minutes, it can be argued that to meet a woman he can not, but because it can be treated as a patient with the disorder in question, that is with premature ejaculation.

Summing up, we can add that the decisive role in the diagnosis of premature ejaculation in the implementation of measures in the treatment given to her address subjective assessment of the actual man in his case of sexual dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation in men entering the reproductive age group, in fact, quite high in performance, and reaches about 30%. When sexual dissatisfaction in men decreased self-esteem, they are not so confident, in addition to this marks an increase of conflict situations in relations with sexual partners.

Basically, the first failure to "this front" causes avoidance male sexual relations in general. In other cases, more attention is paid to compensate for the manual and oral stimulation of the sexual partner. That is, prolonged foreplay. Remarkably, in this case, women are often left quite satisfied with sex, which, in general, can not be said about a man - every time sex for it is associated with the advent of psycho-emotional stress, and develop a different kind of frustration all in the same sexual sphere .


Dapoxetine is used as a treatment for premature ejaculation.

How to deal with premature ejaculation?

This is not a disease and get rid of that you can own, without resorting to medical treatment.Premature ejaculation use Dapoxetine - it is a process, the occurrence of which can not be controlled, ejaculation occurs very quickly, after 15-30 seconds from the beginning of proximity or even before its occurrence. It is also possible involuntary ejaculation prior to the erection necessary for sexual intercourse beginning.

Causes of premature ejaculation:Lack of experience in sexual relations - a common and easily solves the cause quick ejaculation,irregular sexual contacts,psychological reasons: emotional trauma, long-term depression, etc .,somatic problems,adverse drug reactions,excessive excitement, the anticipation of a long process.

Premature ejaculation: Symptoms

As already has been identified, the name of this disorder is the answer to the question of the main symptoms present with him. That is, when ejaculation premature ejaculation occurs earlier than necessary. Dissatisfaction with both partners may be, because of what the problem is further exacerbated. In severe manifestations of the disease ejaculation occurs even before the penis has appeared in the female vagina. A similar situation can only occur only when the form of female genital mutilation, which is due to excessive overstimulation.

A positive feature of premature ejaculation is that it can pass by itself, which is caused by the acquisition of some experience in sex. Meanwhile, it also happens that this problem persists for many years, because of which, as is known, difficulties arise in men.


Diagnosis of premature ejaculation is a constructive dialogue with the appropriate specialist, in which he will try to determine what are the causes of the problem. In the absence of specific reasons for selection, diagnosis, most likely, will be the implementation of the next phase of her. This stage requires the presence of the patient's sexual partner, in particular that required to conduct test lidocaine. With lidocaine treatment is performed in the skin of the penis frenulum, and then you want to go to the sexual act, which should aim to fix the results of ongoing research. If the positive dynamics in this case was not, the test is complete, which requires a full treatment of the glans penis lidocaine, then re-invited to go to have sex.

As other methods of diagnosis can identify tissues of the penis detection sensitivity with the concomitant reflex test. This requires the use of special equipment.