Bipolar disorder

Throughout the world, many people suffer from this disorder as bipolar disorder. It is characterized by frequent changes of mood disorder, with mood does not change from bad to good, but from the very depressed and sad, to feelings of euphoria and the possibility to perform feats. In short, the mood swings of patients with bipolar disorder colossal that it is always noticeable to others, especially if such fluctuations are frequent.

In medical practice, such a violation is called bipolar affective disorder, and they more often affects women, but men are susceptible, although much less frequently. Fortunately, treatment of bipolar disorder is not particularly difficult, and when properly chosen therapy, man is able to keep his emotions under control without much difficulty. However, the difficulty lies in the diagnosis, because in people without the disease also may experience various periods - good and bad, that manifests a change of mood. Especially women suffer mood swings, as their emotional sphere is less stable than that of men. This often occurs with premenstrual syndrome, and in any phase of the menstrual cycle a woman can for no reason, no reason at all to feel the rush of emotions, or, conversely, lack of energy.

That is why the diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder is a person many years later the disease, when the surrounding people, and he begin to understand that a person is something not that, and this is not the norm, and that can not be symptoms blamed on "bad" character and other causes.


Bipolar disorder is known by many as a disease, as a manic-depressive psychosis, which in itself makes it clear what kind of symptoms characteristic of the disease. At the same time the causes of diseases such as bipolar disorder, is still not found - the scientists suggest that the main role in the development of hereditary factors play a violation, because the people suffering from this disorder, children are in most cases also fall ill.

The study of the brain of healthy people and people with bipolar disorder, has given scientists the ability to determine that brain structures and neuronal activity in these two categories of subjects have significant differences. That is, it turns out that people with bipolar disorder brain functions quite differently than a healthy person.

Of course, there are predisposing factors for regular repetition can cause bipolar disorder. In particular, this constant stress, which a person is exposed to over a long period of time. Also, the disease may develop as a side effect in the reception of certain narcotic drugs used by people to treat other diseases, or just drugs and alcohol. Therefore, current or former drug addicts and alcoholics are often susceptible to the emergence of the infringement.


Symptoms of bipolar disorder are presented continuously alternating periods of euphoria and depression. These periods can last for many years, with relatives and friends of the person does not realize that the unusual behavior - that is not his property of the psyche, and the violation that requires correction.

The most common diagnosis of this disease as bipolar disorder, is possible in the depressive phase, when a person is going through so the thrill of futility and uselessness that sometimes decides if suicide for him is the only way out, and even makes an attempt to settle accounts with life.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder pill Seroquel in the depressed phase of the four stages are shown. At the initial stage of a person reduces the mood, nothing pleases him, the world seems hostile, weakening overall vitality. In the second stage there is growing depression, is characterized by loss of appetite, lethargy, depression, decreased performance.

The third stage is the most severe - symptoms of the disease reaches a critical level. Man feels useless, he says tersely, almost in a whisper, looking for a long time in one point, he develops the idea of ​​self-destruction.

The fourth stage -.. Stage symptoms of regression, when the state of the person returns to normal, and he again becomes adequate, can lead a normal social life, work, etc.

Bipolar personality disorder in the manic phase appears completely different symptoms. Moreover, in this phase of the disease occurs in five steps

The duration of the manic and depressive phases can be different.

Bipolar mental disorder characterized by the fact that when a person has been sick for a long time and disorder symptoms increase, he may experience audio and visual hallucinations, the head can come delusions.

The patient may imagines himself emperor or other great personality, or to decide that it determines the lives of all people on the planet, and so on. E., That is, he develops

These symptoms occur when the manic phase of the disease, in the same stage of depressive mental disorder manifested negation of all that is good around, feeling its irrelevance and worthlessness. The man convinced that it is economically not protected, it a burden to others, and so on. D. Very often in such a state of the patient diagnosed with schizophrenia as a condition very similar to the symptoms of the disease.